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Open today from 12pm – 10pm

1319 Third Ave, New West, BC

Towers and Trains

Earl Grey IPA

What started as a home brew recipe in the 2000s, Towers And Trains was first brewed at S&O in 2015! Steeped on organic Earl Grey from our neighbours at Great Wall Tea Co., this West Coast IPA balances notes of bitter spruce, bergamot and black tea on a malty backbone.

Eric used to brew this beer at his shared home in East Van. He shared that home with like 20 people because he was an engineering student at UBC and its East Van.

He’d brew this Earl Grey West Coast IPA and have it on tap in their garage. With all of his buddies telling him it was the best beer they ever tasted. That’s really how most brewers start, by friends telling them they’re really good because free homebrew tastes better than it should, because, well, it’s free.

However, Eric actually did know what he was doing and brought this recipe to S&O.

We’ve always partnered with our New West pals at the Great Wall Tea Co. for the best organic earl grey and you can always tell when we’re brewing it as the brewery fills with that smell of bergamot.

Towers And Trains is for those who love an old school West Coast IPA. It’s packed full of West Coast hops and the earl grey accents that dank bitterness those of us from the earlier days of craft beer love.

We know you’ll dig it too!

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