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Open today from 12pm – 10pm

1319 Third Ave, New West, BC

New Brewers Series Launch

One of the things we’ve always wanted to do was start a bottle conditioned series of beers. Brew some really unique styles on a small scale and put them in a fancy 500ml bottle.

So we did just that.

Our Brewers Series launches with Terra. A bottle conditioned Saison with turmeric, ginger, white peppercorn, and star anise. It’s savoury while still being refreshing and we think you’re really going to dig it.

The Brewers Series beers will be released when the beer inside tells us it’s ready, so they will appear sporadically throughout the year. They aren’t on a schedule, they are brewed when ideas come to us, and they will definitely be a vehicle for our brewers to experiment with new ingredients.

Terra is available now in the Tasting Room and a few cases have gone to select local liquor stores around Metro Vancouver. You can enjoy Terra now or sit one down for a while to enjoy later.

Next up in our Brewers Series will be Secretariat. A Saison conditioned on guava and refermented with Brettanomyces claussenii. You can look for that early in the new year.

Our Farmhouse Fest list is going to be straight fire next year!





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