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Sapperton | 4-Pack


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Total Payable Amount $16.90

Sapperton was first conceived during a hallucinogenic induced dream back in 2015. Our brewer Peter had awoken from this slumber and decided that the beer needed to be called Llimmada. With two ‘Ls’ and two ‘Ms’.

It launched under that name at the first ever Farmhouse Fest as a draft only release.

Since 2015 this beer has evolved in name and in style more than any other beer we’ve produced. So much so that we could have likely called it something else but we like the journey it’s taken over time.

When it was first released as Sapperton it was a soured version of our Red Pilsner and was a little one dimensional, we’d never kettle-soured anything before and it was an opportunity for us to try something new and learn from it.

We liked the tartness behind it but not necessarily the effect that kettle-souring can give a beer so it was tweaked to become more fruit forward with the fruit being the feature to give it that refreshing tartness.

2024’s version of Sapperton has the same amount of raspberry as we’ve been using since 2018 but now has an added touch of lime for added citrus on the finish to bring the essence closer to our original version.

2024 Sapperton has raspberry on the nose but still drinks like a beer with a refreshing tart finish. Brewed with Canadian two-row, Vienna and a touch of Munich it is late hopped with Amarillo for added notes of orange and sweet fruit. A perfect summer sipper at 4.8% and a great way to kick off beach season.