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1319 Third Ave, New West, BC

Steel & Oak COVID-19 Safety Plan

We are committed to follow all the guidelines mandated by WorkSafeBC and the official Public Health Order. The plan includes our increased safety protocols and required usage of PPE.

Our goal is to create a workplace that is aware and responsive to changing needs as a result of COVID-19. Our awareness and diligence will help reduce the risk of person-to-person transmission. 

  1. Reducing the number of people in the business at one time and creating more space between customers and staff.
  2. Adding physical barriers where it is difficult to maintain physical distancing. Providing PPE and training staff on proper usage.
  3. Establishing the new guidelines, rules and cleaning regiments and train staff accordingly.


To reduce the risk of person to person transmission we will:

  • reduce the number of customers to maintain 6ft distancing at all times
  • provide sanitization stations for customers and staff to use before service and after using washroom
  • wear Personal Protective Equipment (mask, visor, gloves)
  • not hug, shake hands or any other physical contact
  • place markers on floor for safe distancing
  • post directions to inform customers of proper procedures
  • assign tables to customers and seat based on first come, first served
  • seat customers when all guests in the party have arrived
  • enforce all limitations in a respectful manner
  • Serve tables instead of bar self-service
  • have a dedicated service spot at every table
  • stand back at least 3 feet from table when speaking to guests
  • touch only the bottom third of the glass when serving
  • place drinks on dedicated service space at table and guests will reach for their drinks after server steps away.
  • have 2m distance markers for take home counter
  • have marker on floor for 1 person only to wait for washroom
  • keep doors and windows open when possible to allow fresh air into our space
  • clean and sanitize every table, seat and menu between guests


Routine cleaning and sanitizing will be integral to prevent further infections. To ensure our commitment to the safety of our staff and customers we are only using Health Canada approved chemicals for cleaning and sanitizing. Our glasswasher has been calibrated to dispense the required amount of chemicals to properly neutralize any potential viruses or bacteria. Our promise for continued safety is that we will:

  • sanitize credit/debit pin pads after each use
  • sanitize the fridge door handle after each use
  • sanitize POS system, tap handles, music equipment and common use items regularly and particularly when staff change positions
  • clean and sanitize each table, chair and menu after customer use
  • clean and sanitize washroom every 30 minutes
  • regularly sanitize common areas throughout the workday
  • thoroughly clean and sanitize every surface at the end of each day


We have educated all our staff on proper hygiene, sneeze and cough etiquette as well as knowing the signs and symptoms of Covid-19. To ensure staff is healthy and able to create a pleasant experience, they will:

  • stay home if they have experienced any symptoms of Covid-19 or signs of illness and self-isolate
  • inform us immediately and stay home if they have had close exposure to any person positively diagnosed with Covid-19
  • self-isolate after travelling
  • wash and sanitize after arriving to work, taking a break, using the washroom, handle garbage, touching personal phone, eat, smoke, cough, sneeze, blow nose or touching shared equipment or any surface that may be contaminated. Proper hand washing techniques are posted at each available sink.
  • avoid scratching or touching hair, eyes, nose, mouth and face with unwashed hands
  • wear required PPE and ensure that they will not touch face because of discomfort or heat and will keep their PPE clean and sanitized
  • not share any PPE items
  • take care if wearing gloves to not touch face with gloved hands, change them regularly, remove them carefully, dispose of them immediately and wash hands afterwards

To ensure our staff is healthy and happy, we will:

  • have regular conversations regarding health and safety with them to address all concerns so we can improve our Covid-19 response where needed
  • have resource information on Covid-19, bullying and mental health and wellness accessible
  • make sure all visitors for deliveries and service are recorded to assist with tracking in our delivery log
  • actively monitor our social media and guest feedback online and in person to ensure we are not experiencing any backlash or negative engagement with customers
  • manage any difficult situations that may arise accordingly and support the staff during this transition time


We are so pleased to have our guests join us again and have a few guidelines to make your visit pleasant and safe. To ensure your safety and physical distancing we ask that you are aware of these changes:

  • hand sanitizing stations have been provided on the patio, by the door, the washroom and the to go counter for you to sanitize upon entering and leaving the area
  • groups will be limited to a maximum of 6
  • a host/hostess will greet you and assign a table for your group
  • a server will come and take your order once you are settled
  • please stay seated unless you need to use the washroom
  • only one person may wait in the designated spot for washroom
  • customers required to wait must keep the appropriate 2m distancing
  • customers purchasing to go items will wait in a separate location to those waiting to be seated
  • to minimize contact we ask that you dispose of your own trash in the bins provided
  • one person in your group to be a health contact and register with first, last name and phone number
  • practice safe physical distancing at all times

We are confident that with all of us following these safety precautions, we will all be able to ensure a pleasant experience every visit. Thank you for being patient and considerate of our staff and other guests as we navigate these un-certain times together. We appreciate you and wish you the very best.

Steel & Oak Brewing Co.


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