Steel & Oak Brewing Co. – New Westminster | 2014

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On Tap

355ml glass, prices exclude tax.

(P) = Available in Packaged

(F) = Available for Growler Fills



Royal City Ale (5%) // $4.95

Lightly dry-hopped, this American Blonde Ale is bright and refreshing with a gentle finish. (P,F)

RED PILSNER (5%) // $5.25

This full-bodied Pilsner has a floral aroma accented with notes of lavender and honey. (P,F)

DARK LAGER (5%) // $5.25

Bread crust, chocolate, nuts and toffee emanate from this Munich Dunkel. (P,F)

SIMPLE THINGS (5%) // $5.50

Crisp, clean, with notes of honey, graham cracker, biscuit, and a refreshing and lengthy bitterness. (P,F)

Shiny Things (6%) // $5.75

Pineapple and resinous evergreen notes, Shiny Things IPA is crisp, juicy, with a gentle bitterness. (P,F)

Radiant Things (4.6%) // $5.50

This beer has the subtle bitterness of grapefruit and brightness of hibiscus as balancing poles. (P, F)


Cold Brew Coffee Stout

Demonstrating a smooth, satisfying mouthfeel, First Press is complex and flavourful from first sip to last. (P)

Flavours of caramel, baked apple and roasted almonds are prominent from the thoughtfully sourced, locally roasted coffee.

Some info from Kevin @ Ghost Roasters:
Ghost Roaster Coffee is a tiny roasting operation in New Westminster BC. An enthusiastic side project to bring thoughtfully sourced small batch roasted coffee to folks in the lower mainland and beyond from Kevin McConnell. Follow along and get your own ghost @ghostroasted on Instagram and Twitter. Kevin is stoked to be able to team up with the brewery he calls home on Firstpress!

This is an Organic Certified coffee that was cultivated in the municipality of San Cristobal, located in the Chiapas region of Mexico.

San  Cristóbal  de  las  Casas  is  a  Pueblo  Mágico  in  Chiapas.  “Pueblo  Mágico”  (Magic  Town)  is  a  designation  created  by  the  Mexican  government  to  recognize  sites  full  of  symbology,  legend,  transcendent history, and that highlight the best of the country’s national identity.

Maple Smoked Porter

Something new and dark to wet your whistle, this one with double maple additions. (P,F)

The brew team wanted to create something dark and seasonal with a twist. A maple twist!

With two Maple variations, wood and syrup, Phonograph provides highs and lows on the front and the back of the palate. A subtle hint of maple, rich dark chocolate and velvet smoke stack up to create a luxurious, balanced porter that satisfies from roasty start to lingering, long finish.

Cherry Apricot Pale Ale

Malty. Jammy. Juicy. B-Jamz is a Good Things beer, celebrating Brian and benefitting Wigs for Kids BC and Diversity in Brewing. (P,F)

Our beloved Operations Manager and resident DJ, Brian “B-Jamz” Chow, has finally decided to cut his hair. It’s very, very long. Like, very long.
He naturally decided it should benefit someone else, because that’s what kind of person he is.

With hop and fruit notes in balance, this is a beer to quench your thirst after a day of moving kegs and fulfilling orders. So put on that Regulators dance club mix that you used to listen to at Barfly, crack a cold one and let B-Jamz dance… And if you really want to honor the B-Jamz experience, maybe a tequila shot. You know, just to get the party going.

Lager Conditioned on Albariño grapes

We took our lager recipe and fermented it on the pomace (grape skins) of some freshly pressed Albariño grapes that Eric drove up and retrieved from Terravista Vineyards in Naramata. (P)

Eric says: “We teamed up with our friends at Terravista Vineyards to create this piquette-style beer. Albariño grapes were pressed early in the morning in Naramata then loaded up into the van to make the journey to New Westminster that very same day. There, we loaded the grapes into a tank and transferred the waiting lager on top of them. Although the grapes are pressed, the remaining juice and sugars ferment out in the beer and leave a delightful wine character. After 2 weeks conditioning on the grapes, we transferred off and lagered the beer for an additional 4 weeks. This beer is worth the effort.”

Lots going on! Here’s some information to digest:

Albariño : A unique varietal grown primarily in Spain and Portugal(Alvarinho). It can be reasonably compared to Riesling, Viognier, Gewürztraminer and Petit Menseng.
Terravista Vineyards: A producer of small-lot, specialty white wine in the Okanagan. They are one of the few producers of Albariño in North America.
Piquette:  a French wine term which commonly refers to a vinous beverage produced by adding water to grape pomace. We used lager instead of water.
Pomace: The leftover grape solids after pressing for juice

With vivid minerality, residual bitterness from the grape skins and pits and a tannic finish, this beer is an interesting exercise in mixed mediums.


Our Canadian Brewing Awards winning Baltic Porter is back for another season after being in the tank for a full 8 weeks. (P)

Lager is Life.

Wait what? I thought this was a Porter?

Well, technically, Baltic Porter is fermented with a lager yeast which would make it a lager… but I mean, those are just the details. Lagering. Which, if you’re curious, was an innovation of breweries in, you guessed it, Baltic nations who put their spin on an English style.

Baltic is conditioned on licorice root and has notes of dark chocolate, toffee, molasses and anise and finishes clean, like a lager. Confusing I know. It rolls in 7.6% but it does not taste that strong, so imbibe wisely!

Imperial Cold Brew Coffee Stout

This beer pushes the limits of our brewhouse with a grain bill full of Maris Otter, Vienna, Flaked Barley, Double Roasted Crystal, Golden Naked Oats and three different types of chocolate malt. (P)

If that’s not enough, we boil for a full 5 hours to concentrate the wort and create a rich, complex profile. After fermentation, we steep whole coffee beans from our friend Kevin at Ghost Roaster for 24 hours, giving a fresh aroma that hits you like opening a fresh bag of coffee.

Allow it to warm for a couple minutes before consuming to allow the full breadth of flavours to present themselves.

On the nose, bright red apple emerges, followed by roasty malt. The full mouthfeel is complimented by notes of hazelnut, bittersweet chocolate and raisins. Lingering long and smooth, Second Press will take you on a flavorful journey through hills and valleys.
Also, at 9%, it’s probably prudent to get cozy and savor this one slowly.

Ghost Roaster Coffee is a tiny roasting operation in New Westminster BC. An enthusiastic side project from Kevin McConnell to bring thoughtfully sourced small batch roasted coffee to folks in the lower mainland and beyond. Follow along and get your own ghost drop @ghostroasted on Instagram and Twitter.

West Coast IPA

A big, bold, bitter IPA to settle on the couch and veg out as the weather rages. (P)

A little bit old school, a little new school, we took a classic West Coast IPA recipe and added some new hop varieties.

Strata is the star here, delivering resin and passion fruit on the nose and a mouthful of fresh pine. Idaho 7 and Amarillo support the team, throwing up shots of citrus and stone fruit. Classic American ale yeast keeps things crispy and clean.

We wanted to make something to help you weather the winter’s unpredictability. Torrential downpour? West Coast IPA. Raging snowstorm? West Coast IPA. Cold, clear and bright? You already know. Wrap yourself in a Throw Blanket to keep you warm and snug.


Radler // $5.25

This popular German beverage is made to order in our Tasting Room all year round. Half beer of your choice and half house lemonade.


Featuring a rotating selection of local cideries offerings. Ask one of our friendly tasting room staff what we’re currently pouring!


We also have non-alcoholic choices available including Kombucha, ginger beer, and our house made lemonade!


Our Food Truck schedule is in the Highlights Section of our Instagram page!


Charcuterie Snack Box // $20

From Columbia St. Sandwich Co., this box is meant to fill up one person or to share comfortably. Contains: 3 meats, 3 cheeses, assorted crackers and nuts, grapes, pickles, olives, veggies and Red Pilsner hummus.

Soft Pretzel with Red Pils Mustard // $7

Sourced from Canuel Caterers, everyone’s favourite soft pretzel comes with their signature S&O Red Pilsner grainy mustard dip.

Beef Jerky – 70g // $7

Original, Black Pepper or Teriyaki from Sidney by Island Jerky.

Landjaeger // $3.5

Pepperbeisser // $2.5

Tasty cured meat snacks from Arctic Meat Co. in Port Coquitlam.

Vegan Snacks

Tempeh Jerky – 70g // $8

Teriyaki or Hickory Tempeh jerky from Urbani Foods in New West.

Picnicker Snack Stick // $3.5

Organic Vegan snack stick by Viana in Germany.

Hardbite Potato Chips – 150g // $5

Natural, Ketchup, Sweet Chili Ghost Pepper, Rock Salt & Vinegar, Smokin’ BBQ or Jalapeno, made over the bridge in Surrey.

Plantain Chips – 114g // $4.5

Gluten-Free Peruvian Plantain Chips lightly spiced with chili.

Snack Attack Jars // $2.5

Assorted chips and pretzels… in a jar!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yep! We even have lemonade on tap for them!


We have you covered with a rotating cider tap and plenty of non-alcoholic beverages including Ginger Beer and Kombucha.


Dogs are allowed on our patio! But they are not allowed inside the Tasting Room. This is a Fraser Health regulation and although we love dogs (we have two of our own) they have to stay outside.


Snackables are available and during the Spring/Summer we generally have a food truck on the weekend. Best way to check on Food Trucks is by following us on Instagram!


You bet, as long as it’s 1L or 2L and holds beer, we’ll fill it.


Yes! We will most likely be at the liquor store nearest you. If you live in BC that is.


Sorry, we do not take reservations. However, people always seem to find a place to sit.

What food trucks will you have around this weekend?

The food truck schedule is not very consistent, so please visit the highlights on our Instagram page to get up to date information.

Private Keg Sales

Our private keg sale options change frequently and the options below are not always available. To inquire about availability please email Allow up to 72 hours for email response. 


50L / 30L = $210 / $140


50L / 30L = $225 / $155





Steel & Oak Brewing Co. embodies the modernness of today while remaining dedicated to the craftsmanship of years long past. Materials of strength and durability, steel and oak; house, protect and nurture what we stand for most – exceptional tasting craft beer.

Using a mixture of North American and German brewing styles, techniques and ingredients, Steel & Oak explores new beer styles while constantly refining and perfecting the classics.

Always unfiltered, unpasteurized and made with the finest ingredients, Steel & Oak proudly returns the noble tradition of brewing quality beer to New Westminster.