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I’m going to try and start doing a better job of posting about individual beers we make. To give you an idea of the background that went into developing beers and just an overall idea of what has gone on behind the scenes to create them. So here we go!

Blackthorn is back. Many of you probably just went “What is back? I never heard of Blackthorn the first time.”

Blackthorn is a Strong Ale fermented with Burton Ale yeast. It was first developed in 2015 as a beer to age in Rum Barrels with some wild bugs in order to utilize the jammy and dark fruit notes that the yeast can create.

So in December 2015 we made a 30HL (3,000L) batch and half of it was put on tap in the Tasting Room. It was so well received that we banked it to release on its own when we had some space to do so. The other half went into Caribbean Rum barrels, had some wild bugs added to it to sour it up, and ended up as a beer we called Tortuga.

So this is the second release of Blackthorn. However, it’s the first time you can get it in a bottle. Blackthorn has notes of dark sweet cherry, raisin, and plum jam. It is best shared with a friend, or an enemy you’re trying to make peace with.

The label was created by our amazing designer Sami Christianson and the photo was taken by our talented Packaging Manager, Andres Markwart.

Blackthorn is available in bottles and growler fills in the Tasting Room until it runs out. We are shipping this one to the Island, Interior and of course Metro Vancouver!






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