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Cup of Kaffee

The following is a conversation had before we decided to make the first batch of Kaffee a year ago. I may have taken some liberties with what was said.

Eric: I want to make a Blonde Ale but with coffee in it.

Me: So the beer is going to be blonde in colour too? But tastes like coffee? Weird.

Eric: Yes, so you’ll look at it and think one thing, but when you smell it and drink it you’ll taste another thing.

Me: That doesn’t sound very German.

Eric: It’s not.

Me: I don’t know why I just said that. We do make other beers that aren’t German influenced.

Eric: So are you into it?

Me: Yes, it sounds cool. What are we going to call it?

Dan: Kaffee. It’s coffee translated into German.

Eric: But this isn’t a German influenced beer.

Me: But Kaffee sounds too awesome to not call it that. So let’s do it anyways.

Thus, Kaffee was created! This batch of our Coffee Blonde was once again brewed with our friends at Timbertrain. The 2017 batch of Kaffee uses coffee sourced from small holder farmers in Ethiopia’s Guji Sidama region. These beans create an aroma of brown sugar, grapefruit, and caramel while Kaffee’s simple malt base provides a crisp finish and a subtle biscuit flavour that interplays well with the cocoa and roasted flavours that the coffee imparts.

Kaffee is available in limited fashion in our Tasting Room and is shipping out to Metro Vancouver this week!

*Easter Egg: I managed to use the word “provides” 3 times in the Kaffee label writeup. No one noticed. I apologize.





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