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Next Steps

At Steel & Oak, we’ve always been proud to be an open and inclusive company and space. A place that all people can be comfortable regardless of the colour of your skin. In taking some time to think since #blackouttuesday I’ve realized that we’ve become complacent. As soon as you think the problem doesn’t apply to you or your business because you’re “not a racist”, you’ve already lost the plot. We recognize this and will change.

This isn’t a short process. It’s a committed journey to education and taking actionable steps to ensure that Black Lives Matter and that our company and we as human beings never stop working towards the society we want to live in.

Steel & Oak Brewing Co. may have Company at the end of its name, but the reality is we are a small group of people who want to contribute and improve our community. We are making the commitment to do better and encourage our fellow members in the craft beer industry to do the same.

What good are words, or social media posts, without action? Action that we as a company and community advocates need to be held accountable to. We have started a company BIPOC Action Group. This group will put yearly and quarterly action items in place to ensure that our company is working towards constant learning and improvement and we will share those steps and action items with you here.

Here are our first steps:

  • Create an internal BIPOC Action Group to create yearly and quarterly goals each year that our company needs to achieve.
  • Review our hiring policies and procedures to ensure that they are inclusive and encourage BIPOC to apply.
  • Staff training on how to confront unconscious bias and how to be an active ally to all BIPOC.
  • Continue to donate to BIPOC organizations as we recognize that action and progress need financial support.
  • Commit to updating this page on what our next goals and action items are and keep you looped in so that you can feel confident you’re supporting a company that walks the walk.

This is just our first step. We understand it is our responsibility to do the work and continually educate ourselves and our team. We also welcome any information, dialogue or resources that you may feel are helpful to improving the lives and opportunities of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour. Thank you in advance.

Please continue to donate to and support your local charities, initiatives and businesses run by the BIPOC in your community to the best of your means.

Black Lives Matter. Let’s change.




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