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Open today from 12pm – 10pm

1319 Third Ave, New West, BC

Roselle Hibiscus Wheat Ale

First brewed in 2017 Roselle enjoyed a stint as one of our full-time flagship beers but then you all stopped buying it so we dropped it, but then you all got mad that we did that and kept requesting that we bring it back!

Honestly, sometimes making (selling) beer is very confusing. But we love Roselle, so it’s back for a limited time!

I still remember when we first tried Roselle in a growler at an S&O staff party and I said to Jamie “this is flagship material!” So even though I had nothing to do with making it (that was Eric) I am going to take all the credit for its existence.

We love this beer because it has a delicate use of hibiscus and rosehips but still tastes like a wheat beer. We also yeast from our friends at Dageraad to make the first batch. Which was super nice of them to let us do.

It’s a beautiful beer that has bright notes of pomegranate, banana, raspberry and a touch of spice.

I hope that those of you who love it, but got angry at me for taking it away, buy it quickly enough this time so that I get super confused on whether or not we should bring it back full time again.

Thanks for messing with my emotions.


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