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Same Team, New Uniform

We’re super excited to announce that our Flagship lineup has officially made the switch to tall cans!

When we first opened our brewery in 2014 650ml bomber bottles were the way to go in craft beer. However, for a brewery that prides itself in making beers you want to drink more than one of we quickly realized that a lot of our Flagship brews would be better suited (and enjoyed easier) in cans.

As a brewery that has grown quite fast in our first few years putting our Flagship beers in cans wasn’t something that we had the capacity to do. To be perfectly honest, a year ago if we had our starting lineup all in cans we wouldn’t have been able to keep up. Thankfully we were able to add a couple big fermentation tanks this summer and are now set up to put Red Pilsner, Dark Lager and Roselle in cans alongside Royal City Ale.

Same beers, new uniforms.

Wearing Red and White: Royal City Ale

Lightly dry-hopped for a gentle floral aroma, this American Blonde Ale is light in colour and medium bodied to suit. A simple mix of classic pale malts paired with a mild bitterness impart this beer with drinkability and easy going flavour components.

Wearing White and Red: Red Pilsner

Pouring a light copper with a thick white head, this full-bodied Pilsner has a floral aroma accented with notes of lavender and honey. The caramel malts that aide in its robust colour impart a slightly sweet taste that finishes clean with a crisp spicy bitterness.

Wearing White and Silver: Roselle Wheat Ale

Hibiscus and rose hips combine with Belgian yeast to create a crisp and refreshing wheat ale packed with floral notes, banana, raspberry and a touch of spice. Roselle Wheat Ale is the newest edition to our Flagship lineup.

Wearing Black and Silver: Dark Lager

Bread crust, chocolate, nuts and toffee emanate from this Munich Dunkel. With a surprisingly light mouth feel, this unfiltered lager has a dominant malt flavour accented by notes of almonds, toast and a touch of caramel. 

We hope you enjoy these award winning beers in their new homes.

Just because our Flagships are in cans doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get a bottle of Steel & Oak. In fact, with the added capacity you’ll likely see even more bottle releases from us in different formats. We’ll continue to brew limited releases in 650ml bomber format and will also be introducing a Brewers Series and Hometown Series, both bottle conditioned and in 500ml bottles.

Thanks for all of the continued support and for all the love you show our beers!



Dark Lager Now in Cans

I remember when three years ago almost to the day that myself and our Operations Manager Brian were driving to the 2015 BC Beer Awards. The topic of discussion was what to do with Dark Lager.

Dark Lager has become a style that’s a little more commonplace these days but outside of Hermann’s from Vancouver Island there wasn’t really a lot of variety of this rad style readily available for the folks of BC. Fact of the matter was that we were having a tough time expressing our love for this beer to others.

Dark Lager was tough to explain to people but we thought there was a place for a refreshing dark beer during all seasons. We just needed more people to try it.

Bri and I threw around the idea of giving it a unique name, making it a seasonal, and then Brian said, “you wait, it’ll win an award tonight and things will change.” We laughed in the shitty old S&O delivery van and then sure enough, it won. And things did change, more people started to try it! On Saturday it won its 3rd BC Beer Award in as many years and it continues to be the model of consistency for our little brewery on Third Ave. in New West.

It’s funny how in a short period of time a market can mature so fast as well. In 2015 I had a tough time encouraging people to try a Lager beer that poured like a stout. Now we’re putting it in a 4 pack so that people can enjoy even more of it. It has become a beer that people want more than just one of. They want to take it camping to have around a fire, take it to a friends house to share with dinner (or dessert), or enjoy one as a replacement protein shake for Saturday breakfast.

What a rad space we’re in now in craft beer where Dark Lager is becoming more commonplace and appreciated. We’re super excited about this shift to cans for one of our favourite beers. We hope you’re excited about it to.


Bottles by Steel & Oak

After almost a year since we first opened our doors we are happy to report that bottles by Steel & Oak have now been sent to Private Liquor stores across BC.

Smoked Hefeweizen, Red Pilsner, and our Dark Lager will be the first of our flagship beers to make their way onto the shelves followed by a few single batch beers, barrel aged ales and possibly a sour or two.

To find where you can enjoy one of our bottled products check the Bottle Locations section of our website.