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Open today from 12pm – 9pm

1319 Third Ave, New West, BC

What is ZOIGL? Look for the Zoiglstern to find out!

What is a Zoigl? Well, it’s a historical experience.

The name Zoigl is from the Franconian vernacular for “sign.”

In Franconian home brewing, a Zoigl was a six-pointed blue-white star, shaped from two triangles similar to a Star of David. 

In northeastern Bavaria during medieval times every landowner had the right to brew their own beer at home. Zoigl would often be brewed in a communal brewhouse and each brewer would then take some home to ferment in their own cellar.

When the beer was ready they would put up that 6 pointed star which they referred to as a Zoiglstern. This signified to neighbours and passers by that the beer was ready to drink and folks would just walk into these homes and enjoy Zoiglbier until it was gone.

Zoigl is a form of Kellerbier but with highly kilned malt, giving it an amber colour and a malt forward flavour. It’s less hop forward than a traditional Bavarian Kellerbier but still has a refreshing bitterness on the finish.

We invite you to our living room (at the brewery) to try our version of Zoigl while it lasts!


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