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Open today from 12pm – 10pm

1319 Third Ave, New West, BC

Sparkling Raspberry

Summer Ale

Inspiration for beer
We wanted to make a playful mix pack where you could enjoy each beer on its own or mix them together to level it up!

What sets these beers apart?
Inspired by a summer spritz we wanted to create a raspberry and preserved lemon spritz inspired beer. We then thought “what if we pulled this beer apart and created two beers that on their own tasted great, and when combined, created the raspberry and preserved lemon cocktail the idea was inspired after?”

Tasting Notes
Preserved Lemon Pale Ale is bursting with lemon zest and finishes with a refreshing salinity reminiscent of your favourite sports-inspired performance beverage.

Sparkling Raspberry Summer Ale is full of juicy raspberry goodness and rides along a cloud of effervescent bubbles. Champagne, but the brunch version that comes with those little raspberries in the glass.