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Open today from 12pm – 10pm

1319 Third Ave, New West, BC

Red Pilsner in Cans

One of the biggest requests we get is to put Red Pilsner in cans. Today that wish has been granted. You will now be able to get our best selling Flagship beer in 4x473ml cans.

So a little background on this as some of you may be asking why we didn’t start canning Red Pilsner earlier. Well truth be told, we couldn’t. We just didn’t have the tank capacity to brew enough beer to satisfy the craft beer can enthusiasts. Red Pilsner takes a full 6 weeks for us to make, because of this, we only get 8.666 brews per tank each year. So we could have technically canned earlier but at the expense of new brews that we wanted to make. So we thought we’d wait.

This summer we received two new 10,000L fermentation tanks which will now allow us to not only can Red Pilsner but make more of your other S&O favourites. Plus a few new ones.

So this is really the first step in what will become the new way of doing things at S&O. 473ml Cans, 650ml bottles, 500ml bottles, and maybe even a 355ml 6 pack 😉

You’ll start to see Red Pilsner 4 packs pop up on shelves across BC and you’ll still be able to get the 650ml bomber size for a limited time as well.

Finally you’ll be able to take this beer to the beach, camping, hiking, or on any other outdoor adventure without the worry of carrying around glass.

Hope you enjoy Red Pilsner in cans as much as I will!



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