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Shiny Things IPA

Hey we made an IPA! But in typical Steel & Oak fashion we put a German twist on it.

The first edition of Shiny Things showcases the newer hop varietals coming out of Germany with generous additions of Huell Melon, Mandarina Bavaria, and Hallertau Blanc. This unique German blend creates aromatic notes of honeydew, tangerine, strawberry and lemongrass. Smoothness from a simple malt bill of Pilsner malt and oats with a crisp piney bitterness makes Shiny Things a hoppy and refreshing choice when perusing the Steel & Oak beer fridge.

Now Shiny Things is a concept we’ve been working on for a while. In the early days (2014 lol) we actually called it the Projekt series. It was a series of draught only hoppier beers with the purpose of testing out new hop varietals. As we increasingly got busier and busier we had to cancel the program in order to brew a lot more Red Pilsner and Royal City Ale. Now that we have added some more capacity we’ve been able to bring this idea back… but in a more hop heavy way. Shiny Things will become the new Projekt. Changing each batch, allowing you to experience the different hop varietals the world has to offer.

Label design was once again done by the talented Sami Christianson who provided me with many different shiny designs but this one was my favourite.

Now I don’t want anyone to get over excited and think that we’re going to be brewing #SOIPAs™ all over the place. This is just a limited run. Although we did just put a fresh batch of Towers And Trains in the tank…

I really hope you enjoy this very Steel & Oak take on an IPA!



*Editors Note: The Doan Bros made the first German style IPA I had ever seen. It is delicious and you should get that too.


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