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1319 Third Ave, New West, BC


Imperial Stout w/ Cacao and Cinnamon

Molinillo ( Mow-lee-knee-yoh) was created by brewing an Imperial Stout base full of Marris Otter, Vienna, and chocolate malts. We then added cacao nibs from East Van Roasters, Piloncillo sugar, which is a raw cane sugar, and Ceylon, or true, Cinnamon extract that we made in house. The extract was added post fermentation.

Whisk that all together and you get a rich and delicious 10% Imperial Stout.

FYI: English brewers, brewing beer for the Russian Czar’s court brewed a beer with a high ABV to try and impress the royalty of Russia. Lots of hops were added to balance the malt, and survive the journey to Russia. This was the original Russian Imperial Stout. As will all things, craft breweries have now taken this name to put a spin on any beer that is higher alcohol than its traditional counterpart.

The name Molinillo comes from the traditional whisk used in Latin America to make hot beverages such as Mexican hot chocolate, which is part of Eric’s heritage(it’s a very interesting story, ask him to learn more). The can design mirrors the design on a traditional Molinillo whisk.

We like to brew beers with roots and stories that pertain to us as people and as a brewery when we can.

This was a small run and won’t be around very long. It’s available in 355ml 4 packs.