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Open today from 12pm – 9pm

1319 Third Ave, New West, BC

Pop Projeckt

Hazy Pale Ale w/ Cryo Pop and HBC 586

Our friends at Yakima Chief Hops reached out and asked us if we wanted to play with some of their new and experimental hops. We said, ” Umm, yes please!”

How best to showcase their Cryo Pop blend and experimental HBC 586? We made a juicy, refreshing and crushable hazy pale ale. A Pop Projekt.
(Projekt was the name of our in-house hop exploration series back in the day. It’s back!)

We brewed a base beer of Pilsner malt, with oat flakes and wheat malt for a full mouthfeel and a little bit of Vienna malt to keep things balanced.

This hazy pale ale has big notes of guava, pineapple and mango are in the fruit salad with strawberry, peach and orange.