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1319 Third Ave, New West, BC

Pale Ale

Preserved Lemon

Preserved Lemon Pale Ale is bursting with lemon zest and finishes with a refreshing salinity reminiscent of your favourite sports-inspired performance beverage.

Yuzu Guava Pale Ale

A collaboration with our friends from Fieldhouse, we built a tropical fruit forward pale ale utilizing thiolized yeast, yuzu and guava. Bright and balanced, it’s refreshing while maintaining it’s beer backbone.


This west coast pale ale is loaded with Amarillo hops and rounded out with Citra and local Cashmere. Aromatic notes of bright orange peel and under-ripe peach are at the forefront along with an insinuation of walking through a coniferous forest. Clean and easy drinking, drink it on your hike or just while watching the trains go by.

Chasing the Sun

Fresh and bright passionfruit and lime balanced with gentle tartness and subtle bitterness.

Patio Lights

Tangy rhubarb twinkles with elderflower, juniper and other secret botanicals in this crisp, refreshing ale.

The Fraser

Fermeneted with Saccharomyces Trois yeast this pale ale was brewed with Amchoor (green mango spice) and hopped with Citra, Mosaic, and Azacca, as well some… Read More »The Fraser


Inspired by a traditional Finnish Sahti, there are aromas of gin and light citrus on the nose. The complex malt bill of rye, oat and barley provides body and is followed by a crisp bitterness from the pulverized juniper berries and northwest hop trio.

Weekend Plans

Bright, juicy and easy drinking; We aimed to make the ideal thirst quencher. Loaded with passionfruit and balanced with a hit of lime to provide huge tropical aromas, balanced tartness and a delightfully zesty finish.


Summer in a glass. Surefire Raspberry Tangerine Pale Ale is a culmination of the things we want in a refreshing beach beer. A surefire winner.… Read More »Surefire

Rainbow Shark

Think of an excellent Pina Colada cookie from your favorite bakery. Tropical and bright, it’s got a smooth and satisfying mouthfeel thanks to the additions of oat and wheat.


Part of our Single Batch Can Series, oat and wheat malt cause Quayside to pour a cloudy golden hue. Conditioned on guava and fermented with… Read More »Quayside


Well the name pretty much says it all, this refreshing Pale Ale has been conditioned on blackberries and key lime. Pouring a beautiful rose colour… Read More »Picnic


This American Pale Ale is a blend of Pilsner, Marris Otter and a touch of Munich malts. Some Golden Naked Oats were added for a… Read More »Parklet


Yes, this beer goes well with the outdoors. Outdoorsy Pale Ale is incredibly smooth and dry hopped with a generous amount of Citra, Mosaic, Ariana,… Read More »Outdoorsy