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Open today from 12pm – 10pm

1319 Third Ave, New West, BC

Easy – Grapefruit

Grapefruit Light Lager

The second release in our Easy series of beers. What’s the Easy series you ask? Well, it’s a collection of beers that are under 3.5% making them easy on alcohol, easy on calories, but not easy on flavour.

Grapefruit Light Lager was created by brewing a light lager base, then the brew crew hand peeled grapefruit and added it into a second stainless steel vessel to soak in a neutral grain spirit. They then extracted the grapefruit essence and shot it at light-speed into the vessel holding the light lager. Boom! Grapefruit Light Lager activated.

Easy Grapefruit Light Lager is bright with notes of freshly zested red grapefruit on the nose. Flavours of juicy breakfast grapefruit wedges, lemon, and a hint of sea salt. Easy is refreshing AF with a crisp bitterness, making it your go to breakfast, lunch, or early afternoon beer. At 3.5% ABV it’s a marathon, not a sprint.