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The S&O Guide to Licensed Parks in New West

We made a digital guide of licensed parks in New West for you to enjoy a beer in this summer!

The City of New Westminster has licensed specific areas in 7 parks around the Royal City. We’ve created a handy digital map and beer pairing guide for you to download below!

Just click the images and save them to your phone.

Remember to tag us in your #NWParkBeers photos @steelandoak to be featured and automatically entered to win some sweet prizes!

If you need to re up on your New West Park Beers, you can always order at neatstuff.steelandoak.ca!

Licensed Parks in New West Map
Licensed Parks in New West Beer Pairing Guide

#NWParkBeers can be enjoyed until dusk at the 7 designated parks.

The City of New Westminster will be displaying signage around the parks so that you can easily identify if you are in the proper area for public beer enjoyment!

Please enjoy responsibly and fingers crossed that licensed parks in New West could be come a permanent fixture in our city!

Food at Steel & Oak

One questions we get asked a lot is whether we have food at Steel & Oak. The answer is… sort of.

To simplify, one of our license requirements is that we have food of some sort available to our patrons in the Tasting Room. However, that requirement wasn’t put into place until after we opened our doors… without a kitchen, or the ability to build one of any kind.

Thus, having quality food at S&O has forced us to get creative and I’m happy to report that we’ve just started a new partnership with Conte Foods, a wonderful Italian Food Importer and Deli down the street from us. You can now enjoy charcuterie fresh from Conte Foods right in our Tasting Room!  We’ll still carry Jerky Baron and other small snack items but at least now you can eat a meal’s worth of food while enjoying a beer.

Second question we get asked a lot is why we had Food Trucks, then didn’t have Food Trucks.

New West didn’t actually have a Food Truck policy in place when we opened the doors. You couldn’t have them parked on the street without having a special event of some sort.  However, about a year ago we were fortunate to be selected as the Food Truck Pilot Project location for 6 months and everybody was able to enjoy wicked Food Truck eats on Fridays and Saturdays at our brewery. Then that pilot project ended and the Food Trucks had to go.

However, I’m happy to report that New West now has a Food Truck program in place thanks to that pilot project and we have been selected as an official location for Food Trucks or Carts at anytime.  This month we have Melt City Grilled Cheese on Fridays and Chubby Mama on Saturdays. We will keep our Upcoming Events section of our website up to date with what trucks to expect when, so you can more accurately plan your trip to S&O!

So thanks for your patience as we’ve worked through the challenges of bringing in quality food to a place that doesn’t have the ability to make its own.

Now onto fixing our occupancy…


Camaraderie and Kindness in Beer

Anytime I do an interview the same question always gets asked. “You guys all seem like friends in the beer industry, even though you are technically in competing businesses. What’s that all about?”

As I’m writing this it’s been just 20 hours since I received the news that our Head Brewer Eric was hit by a semi truck while cycling in Portland with his girlfriend.  Eric is okay (as is his girlfriend Andrea). I always hate writing a lead in sentence like that knowing that people’s hearts might sink a touch before realizing that the worst case scenario didn’t happen, but I really didn’t know how else to put it. Apologies.

Eric was airlifted to a hospital in Portland (I’m not sure which one) but never lost consciousness. From chatting with Andrea (I haven’t spoked to Eric yet) he has “messy breaks in his leg” and will need multiple surgeries as well as skin grafts.  But he’s okay. He’s alive. Which is something you don’t get to say a lot when you hear “semi truck” and “bicycle” in the same sentence.

Luckily we have 2 incredibly well trained and talented brewers that will pick up the slack. For those of you not in the biz a Head Brewer’s job is less hands on and more management; ingredient ordering, scheduling, budgeting and other long term items rather than the day to day process of making the beer. On the outside you won’t notice a difference, Steel & Oak’s beers won’t change while Eric recovers. My admin workload is now a lot heavier but hey that’s what owning a small business is all about.

But back to the original point of this post. Since Eric’s accident I’ve received numerous emails from craft breweries around the lower mainland asking how they can help. “Can we send you a brewer to take some of the workload off?” “Do you want me to swing by on the weekend and clean your kegs so your brewers don’t have to work 6 days a week?” “How can we support you?” I bet there isn’t one craft brewery in BC that wouldn’t offer up help of some sort when another brewery is in need.

And that’s what I love the most about this industry. We are all running small businesses where little things have a larger impact on us than at Molson or Labatts. There is a camaraderie around that. We want to see our friends succeed. We hurt when they hurt, we feel joy when they do. That’s what it’s like when you are part of something bigger than a bunch of small businesses working independently. That’s what it’s like when you are part of a family.  And that’s one thing the macro breweries will never have on us. They spend time trying to figure out how to beat each other while we spend time helping and encouraging each other so that we can grow our industry collectively.

I want to thank all the breweries that have already offered us their support. I’m so happy to be in an industry with such fantastic and kind people who would work an 80 hour week (at another business!) if it meant helping a friend in need, and I’m thankful that our Head Brewer will eventually get to create beer again.

Hug a brewer today.


Longtail Kitchen Longtable Dinner

We are pumped to be partnering up with our friends from Longtail Kitchen once again for an incredible 8 course feast with some really cool Steel & Oak beers!


  • Date: Thursday June 11th
  • Time: 6pm
  • Location: Start at S&O for snacks, beer and a tour. Then we will walk along the boardwalk to Longtail for dinner and more beer!


  • Sawmill Bay Oysters, “Gems” w/ Nam Jim & Ikura
  • Betal Leaf w/ Ginger, Peanuts & Spot Prawn
  • Hot & Sour Soup of Clams w/ Dill & Turmeric
  • Tartare of Sockeye Salmon, Lemongrass, Fried Shallots, Chili Jam & Crackling
  • Wok-fried Chicken Wings w/ Black Pepper
  • Southern Curry of Salt Spring Island Mussels & Young Coconut
  • Crispy Duck Salad w/ Lychees, Toasted Sesame & Thai Basil
  • Thai Tea Panna Cotta w/ Citrus


  • Radler w/ Kaffir Lime
  • Red Pilsner
  • Cask of Royal City Ale w/ Honey and Szechuan Peppers
  • Dry Hopped ESB
  • Cask of Smoked Hefe w/ Jack Daniels soaked Hickory Chips

Only 30 seats available and they will sell out fast. Click this link to get yours.


Bottles by Steel & Oak

After almost a year since we first opened our doors we are happy to report that bottles by Steel & Oak have now been sent to Private Liquor stores across BC.

Smoked Hefeweizen, Red Pilsner, and our Dark Lager will be the first of our flagship beers to make their way onto the shelves followed by a few single batch beers, barrel aged ales and possibly a sour or two.

To find where you can enjoy one of our bottled products check the Bottle Locations section of our website.

Growler Care

One of the questions we get asked the most is how to take care of your growler when it is not filled with beer! Follow the below steps to ensure that the next batch of beer to go in your 1 or 2L vessel will not be compromised.

  • Never use detergent or soap of any kind to clean your growler.
  • Once finished rinse your growler with very hot water.
  • Pour water out and fill it one more time.
  • Let it sit for about 10 minutes with the second batch of hot water inside.
  • Pour water out and let growler sit to dry with the cap off.
  • Do not twist the cap back on your growler as it will trap moisture inside.
  • Once dry, put your growler in a safe spot where it can be admired still leaving the cap off.
  • When it’s time to refill your growler give it a quick cold water rinse and bring it to S&O.
  • Most importantly, hug your growler daily.

Steel & Oak x Four Winds Gratzer

We’ve released a brand new collaboration beer with our friends at Four Winds Brewing Co!

The Steel & Oak x Four Winds Gratzer is a traditional Polish beer made with oak-smoked wheat malt, German hops, and is fermented with lactobacillus.

Pouring a dark copper with a thick tanned head a distinct smokey aroma with notes of campfire and toast rise out of your glass. On your first sip you will notice smoke, toasted almonds and a subtle spiciness, followed instantly by the tingling of high carbonation. It feels like little Kevin Bacons dancing on your tongue. Then the lacto goes to work as this beer finishes with a distinct tartness that refreshes your pallet and prepares you for your next sip. At 4% ABV the Gratzer is a deceivingly light bodied beer reminiscent of a Berliner Weiss, if Chuck Norris made a Berliner Weiss that is. 

We legally can’t say the Steel & Oak x Four Winds Gratzer is life changing… but now we don’t need to if you get what we’re saying.

The Steel & Oak x Four Winds Gratzer can be obtained in our Tasting Room or at Private Liquor Stores across Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island.