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1319 Third Ave, New West, BC

Bottle (500ml)

Berliner Weisse

This dry and refreshing ale has notes of apple, pear, and peach, with a restrained straw-like funk.


A robust malt bill of barley, wheat and rye gives this imperial stout a complex, flavourful base. Seven months spent in a second use oak barrel offer gentle notes of vanilla and chocolate to compliment the tobacco, charred rye bread and rich dark fruit notes that swirl throughout. 


A hefty Imperial Stout, with subtle additions of piloncillo sugar and orange, that was aged for 6 months in a Rye Whiskey barrel and 6 months in the bottle. Notes of dark chocolate, coffee, citrus as well as molasses and oaken spice are present.


Woodland is our flagship Dark Lager, aged in freshly emptied rye barrels. After soaking up a healthy amount of whiskey flavour, we then blended the barrel back with fresh dark lager to get the best of both worlds. Light and complex, smooth and bold with notes of hazelnut, cacao and woodland oak.

Velvet Thunder

Velvet Thunder is a dark English-style wild ale. Aged in Chardonnay barrels for over a year with brettanomyces to give it a fruity, funky hit. After another year of bottle conditioning, Velvet Thunder demonstrates notes of sherry, cherry and vanilla with a slight tartness to round it out. Complex but approachable.


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Multi Malt

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