We’re Hiring: Brewer

Steel & Oak Brewing is looking for an experienced brewer to join our team!

Working under the Head Brewer, duties will include all aspects of production, starting from wort production to cellaring to packaging and everything in between. As a small team, everyone contributes across the board. Opportunities to grow with the company will be available.

A thorough understanding of the entire beer making process is essential. Previous brewery experience is a huge asset. You must have a passion for quality and a commitment to continuous improvement. You should have a penchant for cleanliness and detail-oriented work. If you’re handy and mechanically inclined so you can troubleshoot and fix things as necessary, all the better.

The brew crew works as a team but often you’ll be doing tasks on your own. Reliability and flexibility are key. The position will involve some early mornings, some late nights, and occasional weekend work. Many aspects of this job are also quite physical and will require, for example, lifting of 25kg grain bags and moving 65kg kegs. A valid driver’s license is an asset.

This will be a full time position with benefits.

If you think you’re a good fit for this position, fire off your resume as well as a bit about yourself and why you’d be the best person for this job to eric@steelandoak.ca. Please include “Brew Crew Application” in the subject line.

Tasting Room Only Releases

Tasting Room Only

Every once in a while at S&O we’ll launch a beer that’s only available on draught in the Tasting Room. We’ll send it to a few bars and restaurants, but mostly keep it on tap at the brewery.

Going forward we’re going to do a super small run of cans with these draught only releases. This way if you come into the brewery, dig the beer, you can still take some home with you.

We’re going to put these Tasting Room Only Releases in 4x473ml cans and I’ll be honest, the releases will be sporadic.

Maybe it’s just selfishness on our part as we want to be able to take some of our draught only beers home with us to enjoy. Even if it’s just one four pack.

First up will be a Rauchbier. Made with nearly 100% Beechwood Smoked Malt and coming in at 4.8%.

We used to make a lot of smoked beers at Steel & Oak and it’s still a style, that when done right, can be refreshing and pairs wonderfully with food.

Rauchbier is available on tap and in four packs to go in our Tasting Room. Unless you’re reading this blog post at a much later date. Then sorry.



Inline IPA – The beer formerly known as Rollerblade

Inline formerly Rollerblade

Behind The Beer // Inline IPA

From concept to design Inline IPA is a bit of a long story. I was in San Diego a few months ago with my wife and kids. When you have kids time is at a premium, but I was still able to squeeze in a couple brewery visits. Lots were brewing hazy beer but I loved the big, aromatic, clear, and relatively dry IPAs that San Diego breweries are often known for.

When I got back I said to our Head Brewer Eric that I want us to make a San Diego-style IPA. His Grandma lives in San Diego but doesn’t drink a lot of IPA so he had to do some deeper research to develop this recipe.

Eric and our Assistant Brewer Chef have created a 7% bomb of an IPA. It’s full of Simcoe and Amarillo with notes of citrus, melon, and peach. It packs a punch. Finishing bright and crisp with a refreshing bitterness.

Behind the Design // Inline IPA

I’ve been to San Diego quite a few times and normally stay on Pacific Beach. If you’ve ever stayed on Pacific Beach you’ll notice a gentleman that rollerblades up and down the boardwalk daily in slow motion! He’s known on Pacific Beach as the legendary Slomo. There is a wonderful 15 minute documentary on him that you can watch below.

I wanted to pay homage to Slomo and the many times I’ve high-fived him going down the boardwalk so I decided to go with the now obvious, Rollerblade.

Sami did up some rad designs for Rollerblade and all of them would have worked well with the beer. However, we landed on the retro sock design with the little rollerblade wheels as our favourite.

Inline Beer Labels

The problem I didn’t think of is that Rollerblade is a company. It’s kind of like Frisbee, or Kleenex. We interchange the company names to describe discs and tissues just like most people use rollerblade for inline skates. But I don’t feel like getting a cease and desist letter so Inline it is!

Inline is the latest of our rotating series of IPAs and we hope you dig this San Diego-inspired beer.



The BC Ale Trail App Is Now Available

Ale Trail iPhone

BC Ale Trail Launches New App

We’re super excited to be one of the first legs of the BC Ale Trail to have access to their new app! Available on Google and Apple devices.

The BC Ale Trail App is a FREE insider’s guide to BC craft brewery destinations and the cool businesses that surround them. You earn points every time you visit a location in the app, then you can head to any of the breweries on your app to redeem those points for prizes and discounts.

Each time you visit Steel & Oak you can check in on your app and receive 10 points. If you’ve collected 100 points (from any BC Ale Trail partner) you can redeem them at our brewery for 25% off any merch item you’d like!

If you haven’t heard of the BC Ale Trail or would like to learn more about our New West, Delta, Surrey & Richmond leg, check out the video below. I’m in it! See Mom, I’m famous!

Hope to see you by the brewery soon. Redeeming those BC Ale Trail points for some sweet sweet swag.



Jorden on Zero to Here Podcast

Our own Jorden Foss is on the Zero to Here Podcast with Denny Dumas. Listen in as Jorden chats about how Steel & Oak began, insights into how beers are created and named, his dislike for socks, and his love of New West. You can hear him get progressively more buzzed as time wears on and his language gets saltier.

If you want to watch him awkwardly shift in his chair, laugh at his own jokes, and get tomato red as he drinks more and more, you can click the YouTube vid below.

Thanks to Denny for having Jorden on! You can subscribe to Zero to Here with Denny Dumas on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. Look for more podcast from Steel & Oak in the future.


Jorden (talking about himself in the third person)

Boombox Collab – A-Side and B-Side IPA

Boombox x Steel & Oak

Behind the Beer // Boombox A-Side & B-Side IPA

Super excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with the folks at Boombox to bring you a mixed four pack! Each pack comes with 2 x A-Side IPAs and 2 x B-Side IPAs. What is A-Side and B-Side you ask? Well here we go!

A-Side has all Northern Hemisphere ingredients including Citra, Azacca, and Equanot hops from the US as well as Superior Pilsner Malt from Alberta and Marris Otter from the UK.

B-Side has all Southern Hemisphere ingredients including Waimea and Rakau hops from New Zealand and Galaxy from Australia as well as Patagonia Pilsen Malt from Chile.

A-Side and B-Side are both fermented using the same yeast and pour a hazy straw colour.

Kent from Boombox has always been a big supporter of ours and just a general awesome dude so it’s always great to have an excuse to hang out with people you get along with and make some beer!

Behind the Label // Boombox A-Side & B-Side IPA

Both us and Boombox love music so doing a cassette themed label was a pretty easy call.

Below are the options that Sami sent our way. Options 1 and 2 she went retro cassette packaging inspired. Options 3 and 4 are still based off of cassette tapes but in amore graphic, abstract way.

A-Side B-Side Options

Launch Party // Boombox A-Side & B-Side IPA

We’ll be launching this collab across all three Colony’s, Main St., Northwoods, and Kits, on Wednesday night January 16th. This is the first time you can try the beer!

Both breweries will be pouring a couple other beers as well so swing by one of the Colony’s on Wednesday and say hi!



Blush – Rosé Saison

Rose Beer

Behind the Beer // Blush Rosé Saison

So how did we decide to make a beer that tastes like a glass of sparkling Rosé?

Well, about 9 months ago I was in Nashville Tennessee for the Craft Brewers Conference. A supplier called GEA puts on a party every year full of beers, food, scotch, etc. We walked through the door of the party and Kylo Hoy (Brewer for Four Winds) came up and greeted us. He said “sit down, let me grab you the only thing you need to drink tonight.”

He brought this can over and inside of it was a Rosé Cider. It was one of the more refreshing things I’d tasted. From that moment forward I started to obsess over how we could make a beer taste like Rosé.

Fast forward to September and our friends at West Coast Canning reached out to collaborate on a charity brew as part of their Canned Good initiative. The concept behind this collab is that you can really do anything as the labels are donated, the canning time is at a charity rate, and generally when proceeds of a beer go to a good cause (this time it’s The Camp Kerry Society) many people step up to help!

The rosé beer concept came up once again. Our Head Brewer Eric had the idea that if we timed the brew right we could use some grape skins from our neighbours at Pacific Breeze Winery after they’d crushed them for this year’s batches of wine. We could use a Saison yeast to help finish the beer dry. The next layer would be to can condition it so that it would be almost like drinking sparkling Rosé.

We brewed the beer in November, let it can condition for 6 weeks, and decided to release it today! I don’t think I could have ever anticipated the excitement level behind the beer. This must be what Superflux deals with all the time 😉

Behind the Label // Blush Rosé Saison

I wanted the can to be rose gold in colour. Actually, I originally wanted it to be 3 rose gold labels and 1 gold label but that seemed extreme.

So I sent our designer Sami the concept of the Rosé Saison and the parameters that I just wanted it to be a rose gold colour.

Sami came back to me and asked if we could do each label in each four pack with a slightly different design. Because this collab was with the folks at West Coast Canning I knew we’d have extra hands on deck to sort all the beers out once filled to make sure that when they were packaged each four pack had four unique labels. So I said yes!

Below are the four different designs that will appear on your four pack labels.

Rose Saison

There were a lot of people who helped make this charity brew happen: West Coast Canning, Best Studios, Pacific Breeze Winery, IMS Labels and of course our charity of choice, The Camp Kerry Society!

Looking forward to making this beer again next year!



Kotuku Pale Ale

Photo of Steel & Oak Kotuku Hazy Pale Ale

Behind the Beer // Kotuku

Nelson Sauvin hops are popular these days for good reason, they smell incredible. For a while we’ve wanted to make a straight forward Pale Ale focussing on the white wine like fruitiness of Nelson Sauvin. Eric, our Head Brewer, finally put Kotuku in the schedule to brew this past December!

Dry hopped with more Nelson, we also threw in some Citra, Hallertau Blanc and Huell Melon into the fermenter. This gives Kotuku added notes of gooseberry, wine grapes, and tropical fruit. Brewed with Pilsner malt, oat flakes and wheat for body, Kotuku pours hazy and finishes dry with a refreshing bitterness.

We’ve put a goal in place this year to have a couple hoppy beers kicking around at all times and this is the first hop forward release for us this year.

Behind the Design // Kotuku

I’d also like to do a better job this year of letting you into the process of why we name beers what we do and why the label ends up looking the way it does!

Kotuku is the Maori name given to the extremely rare White Heron that breads on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. As a symbol of things both beautiful and rare, the kotuku has an important place in Māori folklore. To compare someone to a kotuku in Māori culture is a very big compliment.

Sami, our designer, sent a few options based on the name, all reflecting a light and airy feeling relating to the bird in an abstract way. See below.

I knew that Kith And Kin (our Brassneck Collab) was coming out around the same time and its base colour was white, so Option 2 was crossed off the list. Option 3 was a bit to “kid friendly” for me which felt weird when producing a beer. I decided to go with Option 1. I liked how the lines reflected the length of the White Heron’s legs in an abstract way. Sami always knocks it out of the park so choosing labels is actually a harder process than you think.

Kotuku is available in our Tasting Room for a limited time and will ship out early this month to private liquor stores. I hope you dig it as much as we do!



Call For Artists – Winter

Steel & Oak is excited to announce its partnership with My Artists Corner for our second community group exhibition. My Artists Corner is a New Westminster based organization that supports artists with diverse mental health issues. In order to generate dialogue surrounding mental health, and to advocate towards ending mental health stigma, our theme of our exhibition will be Mental Health and Wellness. The theme is up to your creative interpretation, but you must draw inspiration from it.

All visual artists, established or emerging, from the lower mainland are encouraged to submit to Steel & Oak’s new community arts program.

Steel & Oak wishes to highlight how diverse our community is. In order to break down any exclusionary barriers and create a platform for marginalized voices, artists on the LGBTQA spectrum, non-binary artists, artists of colour, and artists with disabilities, are strongly encouraged to submit.

Submissions will be received up to 12:00pm (noon) on:
Friday December 7, 2018


  • To apply to this Call for Artists you must be someone who creates art (including, but not limited to: painting, digitized art, visual poetry, mixed media, photography, drawing, printmaking, etc.)
  • Artwork must fit into the theme of Mental Health and Wellness.


  • The gallery at Steel & Oak does not charge exhibiting artists to display their works. We strongly encourage artists to provide their contact information for interested buyers. Steel & Oak will not deduct any percentage of the sales of artwork from the artist.
  • Unfortunately, due to the size and nature of our gallery space, we are unable to accept any sculptures or installation art. Please only submit 2D, and/or ready wall-mounted 3D works.
  • Selected works should be no larger than 30” x 30” (frame included) and we strongly encourage submission of smaller works.


  • Attach to email no more than 5 images of your work (.jpg format- 300 dpi, no more
    than a total of 5MB).
  • Should you be submitting more than one work for consideration, please provide only 2-3 images of each work.
  • Proposed artwork must include title, material(s), dimensions, and date
  • A short bio (75 words max)
  • An artist statement that provides an introduction to your practice and artworks submitted (150 words max)
  • Selected artists are responsible for delivery of their works to and from the gallery at Steel & Oak.
  • Artwork must be ready to display (ready-mounted or framed)
  • Artwork must be available to be displayed for the durations of 3 months.

All submissions must be in pdf format and emailed to art@steelandoak.ca by December 7 at noon. Artists will be notified no later than August 15th if their submission has been successful.


Should you have any questions regarding the gallery or your application, please direct them to the Arts Programmer, Heather Prost at art@steelandoak.ca

For more information about the community arts program at Steel & Oak please visit our blog at: https://steelandoak.ca/2018/07/so-art-program/


Art at Steel & Oak – Grand Opening

Our new rotating gallery space is a way for us to bring community into the tasting room and to celebrate diverse voices. As such, the theme of our first exhibition is “Community.” As the Arts Programmer, I am keen to help generate a platform for a multitude of voices to share their lived experiences through the arts. On that note, I am happy to pass this celebratory post onto the staff and collective members from the New West based organization, Pottery Works, to talk a bit about what community means to them.

[Pottery Works]:
“Community is important because the desire to belong is as basic as our need for food and shelter. Community brings people together to advocate and support each other, and the feeling that one belongs gives value to life and our experiences. The relationships we build in our communities are built on trust, respect, communication, caring, common interests and shared values.

Art gives people from all walks of life a way to share their interests, values and experiences and communicate in forms that may be easier, more comfortable or sometimes the only avenue available to them. Having access to art in our daily lives gives us validation for our feelings, and experiences. It helps us feel connected and motivates us to explore our own creativity and discover different parts of ourselves. Seeing art as an expression of others perspectives, gives us a larger view of our existence.

The theme of this work is the view of community from the perspective of artists who have struggled to find inclusion within it. These artists have used their creative abilities as a platform to find identity in their culture and a role in their community.

“I want my viewers to not only see what I see, but to be able to take a closer look at the things around them; the things they would normally pass by, and try to see the beauty in them. As an artist going through life with a developmental disability I would like people to see the beauty in things that may normally be overlooked.” – Sheri Lynn Seitz”

I’m really looking forward to seeing how the gallery unfolds. To kick off our opening exhibition, we would like to invite you to our official launch party! Join us on Wednesday, September 19th from 6:00pm – 9:00pm.

Hope to see you there!